Established in response to a perceived demand in the agricultural sector in terms of accompanying initiatives, technical assistance, training and service in the areas of production, protection and valorization of agricultural and agro-industrial products, AGROPROSPECTIVE makes its expertise available to the various stakeholders of the supply chain (investors, growers, exporters, cooperatives, Industry associations …) 

Headquartered in Morocco, but capitalizing on the various investigations and scientific missions carried out in different countries of the MENA Region, Africa, the American continent, Asia and Europe, AGROPROSPECTIVE is open to international activities besides its implication at local and national levels.

Our team is composed of Doctors, agricultural engineers, veterinarians, academics, national and international consultants with a long experience in the various agricultural disciplines and areas (production, protection, postharvest) as well as animal husbandry and production. Our fields of intervention evolve around the following:

  • Technical assistance and advice 
  • Capacity building through training and practice
  • Providing support during the design, preparation, implementation and evaluation of agricultural and agro-industrial investment projects 
  • Management of agricultural projects and units of production and packaging 
  • Design, preparation and implementation of scientific and technical events
  • Providing support during the design and development of research and extension activities for development 

The team works in close collaboration with various partners: licensed analytical laboratories, research teams and laboratories, national and foreign bodies for studies and extension, agricultural equipment manufacturers and developers, national and foreign experts.

AGROPROSPECTIVE affirms its commitment to quality by offering clients:

Competence and professionalism

Work is carried out and conducted by highly qualified specialists in their respective fields.

Work reliability and data traceability

As part of the missions entrusted to it, AGROPROSPECTIVE can gather information and carry out data collection from various companies and agencies (agencies, agricultural development bodies, central and regional departments of agriculture, NGOs, research organizations, training institutions, local and regional authorities). The collected information is, whenever possible, cross-checked and verified; the source and authors is systematically quoted. 

Control of the documents 

Project coordinators prepare the reports after rigorous verification of all data. The quality and readability of the documents are systematically controlled by the Management before reports are published in their final form. 

Endorsement of the conducted studies

AGROPROSPECTIVE engages its full liability by endorsing the work carried out by its staff. 


AGROPROSPECTIVE is held responsible for the strictest confidentiality concerning all the information, data, findings and conclusions relating to the projects on which it works. The findings shall not be made public, even partially, without the express agreement of the client. 


AGROPROSPECTIVE has set up and implemented a strategy for the security of its files.  These security procedures ensure services performance within the agreed time frame. 


The documents produced by AGROPROSPECTIVE are subject to an electronic archiving and are, therefore always available for checks, modifications or additional printings.