Studies & expertise

AGROPROSPECTIVE carries out feasibility studies for agricultural and agro-industrial projects. It supports its clients through their projects implementation phases:

  • Prospecting
  • (marketing research, investment opportunities, export, …)
  • Design (technical studies, business plan, …)
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation

AGROPROSPECTIVE offers to its clients its expertise in different sectors (date palm, citrus, olive, argane, various fruits and vegetables, field grains and legumes, livestock and animal products) and in various related fields (seeds and plants, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural machinery, packaging, logistics, …).

Training & human resources

AGROPROSPECTIVE organizes, and, if necessary, on-site customized training programs for capacity building for the benefit of various target populations (producers, managers of production units, managers of packinghouses and storage units, technicians and engineers according to their field of activity, …). These training programs include theoretical courses but focus mainly on practical aspects. They can be delivered as seminars, specific workshops, field days and demonstrations within the various agricultural sectors:

  • Agricultural operations and techniques of crop production (irrigation management and monitoring, fertilization, crop management, determination of optimal stage of harvesting, packing and storage, …)
  • Operations and techniques of crop disease and pest management (cultural and  biological control, use of pesticides, integrated pest management)
  • Livestock management (cow, sheep, goat, camel, chicken)
  • Beehive management

AGROPROSPECTIVE supports its clients in searching for and recruiting specialized and highly qualified employees and collaborators through its expertise in human resources management and its multi profile data base (agronomists, veterinarians, technicians, …) covering all sectors of agriculture and agro-industry.

Technical assistance & advice

In terms of technical assistance and advice, AGROPROSPECTIVE offers the following services to its clients:

  • Technical assistance and support for production, protection and valorization of agricultural products
  • Expertise in the development of integrated pest management programs for crop preservation
  • Technical assistance in the field of pesticide use, and analyses of pesticide residues in crops and agricultural products
  • Advice in the area of plant material, soils, waters and agricultural products quality
  • Agricultural product quality management
  • Hygiene and food safety
  • Implementation of national and international food safety standards (GlobalGAP, HACCP, BRC,  ISO 22000, …)
  • Support in agricultural laboratory design and search for equipment
  • Support for aggregating and structuring farms into cooperatives, associations, and Groups of Economic Interest
  • Development of the Integrated Farming System and its implementation
  • Assistance in the development of cooperation and partnership in the field of agriculture  nationally and internationally
  • Assistance in the development of study tours and visits within Morocco and abroad

Scientific & technical events

AGROPROSPECTIVE provides technical support and organizes scientific and technical events (congresses, seminars, conferences, workshops and field days, exhibitions) on themes revolving around the various areas of agriculture. Its interventions, through its large network of specialized partners, include, among others, the following services:

  • Communication on the event (announcements on the national and international levels, development of website content, press reports and announcements, flyers and posters, …)
  • Logistics and technical organization (search for the location, management of applications and registration, management of the scientific and technical program, management of participants, transportation, lodging, …)
  • Editing (event Abstracts and Proceedings, related books, …)

Research & development

AGROPROSPECTIVE offers its expertise in R & D area through the following:

  • Development of and contribution to extension activities and programs
  • Support in the development and hosting of platforms involved in learning and experience sharing (example: Field Farming Schools for communities)
  • Accompanying in the development of research programs in specific fields of agriculture
  • Evaluation of research centers and projects